Issue:  Vol. 44 / No. 31 / 31 July 2014

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Ting adds sunset
to safe syringe bill

In response to concerns from law enforcement officials, state Assemblyman Phil Ting has added a sunset clause to his bill allowing pharmacists throughout the state to sell syringes without a prescription to adults. (read more)

Trial opens in park death

A man accused of murder for fatally choking another man during a sexual encounter in Buena Vista Park in 2011 is "a sweet kid" who was involved in "a terrible accident," his attorney said this week as the trial in the killing opened. (read more)

New home sought
for LGBT archives

An LGBT archival center in downtown San Francisco plans to relocate as its rent continues to increase and its collection outgrows its current space. (read more)

Fun, sexy Up Your Alley

Trey Allen shares a laugh with friends at the annual Up Your Alley Fair Sunday, July 27 in San Francisco's South of Market district. (read more)

SF public affairs group plans month of LGBT programs

The Commonwealth Club has planned an ambitious slate of LGBT programming for August that will take audiences beyond a discussion of past and present human rights struggles for LGBT citizens. (read more)

Man who police say posed as cop held on sex charges

A San Francisco man accused of pretending to be a police officer and kidnapping two men in 2008 then trying to force one of them to have sex was ordered this week to stand trial. (read more)

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Theatre - Mistress of her own delusions

For most of his adult life, J. Conrad Frank has had a slightly delusional, usually tipsy, and compulsively loquacious Russian diva living inside him. (read more)

Television -
To Sirs with love

Freddie: "I have my audition tomorrow. Be honest. Can I pass for 50?"

Stuart: "I'm not even sure you can pass for alive." (read more)

Theatre -
Carnal knowledge

Sex and the City began its six-season run on HBO in 1998, and not even 9/11 interrupted its fantasyland vision of a Manhattan where Manolo Blahniks were fetishized, cosmopolitans were swilled, and sex was always a la mode. (read more)

DVD - Tragic Havana love affair

The Last Match (La Partida) is a gorgeously filmed, tragic melodrama about Cuban rent-boys who break the rules of their rough trade, and fall deeply and desperately for each other. (read more)

Out & About - Solar flair

August brings strangely warm weather (for San Francisco), and an accompaying hot house of blooming creative works, from frothy musicals to benefits, art shows and music acts. (read more)

Out There - Playing telephone with Out There

Ring ring! Rrring! The insistent telephone bell startles Out There out of a pleasant midsummer reverie. (read more)

Books - Old-school fantasy

The press release forĀ King of Jerusalem by Hans Georg Jakobowicz (new from Prater Press) claims that this 148-page entertainment is an old-school "beach novel, modeled on those of Lincoln Kirstein and Edwin Denby. (read more)

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