Issue:  Vol. 45 / No. 47 / 19 November 2015

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SF LGBT senior agency ramps up housing outreach

Openhouse, the San Francisco-based LGBT senior agency, is ramping up its housing outreach as it prepares... (read more)

SF Pride shooting case settled

The nonprofit organization that runs San Francisco's annual LGBT Pride parade and festival this week settled a lawsuit with a man... (read more)

Sheen comes out as

Hollywood bad boy Charlie Sheen, who was said to be the highest paid actor during the long run of his sitcom Two and a Half Men , came out as HIV-positive... (read more)

Jailed couple describes
trans assault

The man accused of attacking a transgender woman in San Francisco's Mission district Sunday has told the Bay Area Reporter that the incident started when she bumped into him and his fiance and called him the n-word. (read more)

Noel 'cautiously optimistic' about Knoller's appeal

Robert Noel, the husband of Marjorie Knoller, the woman convicted of murder after the couple's dogs killed their lesbian neighbor in 2001... (read more)

French LGBTs gather in shadow of terrorist attacks

On the evening of Friday, November 13, I was in the city of Avignon in Southern France for the start of a historic weekend... (read more)

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Film - Spotlight on Ida Lupino, groundbreaker

Actress Ida Lupino, who appeared in nearly 60 films in her 48-year career...was an anomaly. (read more)

Music - Jake Heggie
goes global

It is one measure of San Francisco-based composer Jake Heggie's success that his songs, long considered the province of American artists, have found their champions in Europe. (read more)

Out There - Sound artistry

Artist Janet Cardiff is interested in what she calls "three-dimensional sound. (read more)

Out & About -

Holidays hearken and hint at the annual ho-hum hilarity. (read more)

Theatre - Multicultural animosities all around

Not even underwater, on BART in the Transbay Tube, could the events of Friday the 13th in Paris be swept from view. (read more)

Theatre - The importance of being
Idina Menzel

A silhouetted woman strides onto a catwalk high above the stage, and as the spotlight makes its hit, she declares, "Hi, it's me. (read more)

Theatre -
The parent trap?

Human conception is often the byproduct of another activity made pleasurable, presumably so the species carries on. (read more)

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