Issue:  Vol. 48 / No. 13 / 29 March 2018


Bay Area Reporter is the nation's oldest and highest circulation LGBT news weekly serving San Francisco's lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities. Founded in 1971, B.A.R. is regarded for its original writing covering news and entertainment relevant to our lives. B.A.R. is published every Thursday by BAR Media Inc., and is distributed in San Francisco and surrounding cities of the Bay Area.

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Roberto Friedman


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Jim Provenzano


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Matthew S. Bajko

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Contributing Writers

Ray Aguilera, Dan Aiello, Tavo Amador, Matt Baume, Erin Blackwell, Roger Brigham, Victoria A. Brownworth, Philip Campbell, Heather Cassell, Chuck Colbert, Richard Dodds, David Duran, Coy Ellison, Michael Flanagan, Race Bannon, Jack Fritscher, David Guarino, Peter Hernandez, Liz Highleyman, John F. Karr, Lisa Keen, Matthew Kennedy, T. Scott King, David Lamble, Michael McAllister, Michael McDonagh, Sal Meza, David-Elijah Nahmod, Elliot Owen, Paul Parish, James Patterson, Lois Pearlman, Tim Pfaff, Jim Piechota, Bob Roehr, Tony Taylor, Adam Sandel, Jason Serinus, Gregg Shapiro, Gwendolyn Smith, Jim Stewart, Ronn Vigh, Ed Walsh, Sura Wood, Brian Bromberger, Sean Piverger, Gregory Pleshaw, Khaled Sayed, Sari Staver



Art Director

Mex Leger



Ernesto Sopprani



Jane Philomen Cleland
Rick Gerharter website
Gareth Gooch
Kelly Sullivan
Jose Guzman-Colon
Rudy K. Lawidjaja
Georg Lester
Dan Lloyd
Rich Stadtmiller
Steven Underhill
Dallis Willard
Bill Wilson


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Scott Wazlowski



Colleen Small



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Rivendell Media



National Gay Newspaper Guild

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