Issue:  Vol. 48 / No. 13 / 29 March 2018

Rafael Alencar


Brazilian porn stud returns to Nob Hill Theatre

Rafael Alencar
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Rafael Alencar has the face of a Botticelli angel, is built like a tank, with a jacked-up butt, (the likes of which I haven't seen since the days of Josephine Baker) and that amazing dick!

With one of the most prolific and longest-lasting careers in the history of contemporary pornography, this Brazilian brain is the total package, and he's back at The Nob Hill Theatre to seduce and serve the true definition of Brazilian Bomber. The Bay Area Reporter's in-depth interview shows more of this brilliant bisexual being.


Cornelius Washington: Welcome back to The Nob Hill Theatre, where your performances are legendary. Please describe your enduring relationship with the theater and its audiences.

Rafael Alencar: Coming to the Nob Hill Theatre always feels like coming home. It's the only venue in the USA where I perform live. The managers, Gary and Larry, are doing an awesome job! They will do everything to make me feel welcome, and I'll do anything to make them blush and smile. The audience is who I am looking to meet, get messy, show off, at least, a few boners and a lot more!


How do you create a sensual mood onstage?

I don't create it, but if I were in the audience, I think of what I would like to see and, of course, it's not just a one-man-show. I want everyone to be part of that, at least, improperly touching me. I do start out using some outfits for the shows, but I quickly take them off, so that I can spend more time with the audience. 


What do you do when you really want to push the envelope with an audience?

I tell myself that I am about to get the biggest blow job from someone in the audience and, to keep me going, I hope that I get more than one. I am into all types. There are truly no exceptions, as long as you are not shy. Even if you are, I can work on that.


What has an audience member ever done to or for you that has taken you over the edge?

The Nob Hill audience has always been the most respectful, and that's why I keep coming back. Nothing bad has happened so far. The audiences are very well-behaved, according to the situation. I, too, need to police my actions, but again, nothing awkward has ever happened, so far. I guess I can handle the situation, if it does. I just hope that they can handle me. 


The last time we talked, you were traveling the world, opening hearts and minds (and asses), photographing beautiful lighthouses and having your videos deleted by YouTube for being too sexy. Please give my readers an update on your latest happenings.

Censorship is an ongoing political arena. I still keep one account on each big social media site. I don't update them very often because, as you said, they keep deleting anything that shows me wearing underwear. They probably think I have a hard-on, but they should see how it really grows. I want to thank my online copycats for the countless fake profiles all over the internet. Ironically, they take care of more of the media than I do, and I actually follow many of them, in case I want to copy a picture of me that I've never seen. Of course, there's always a downside, where people are creating Grindr profiles for credit card scams. Travel inspires me to keep my brush stroke going. So far, I've visited 142 countries. I go to a different country once a month, either alone or as a travel companion.


Please remind our readers about your hometown and what it was like to grow up there.

Growing up in a seaside town, the beach was my playground, where, it's summer all year 'round, which is all the more reason to wear fewer clothes. Exhibition has been always a part of Brazil's culture, so I've had to keep in shape since my early days.


Brazilian culture is very sensual. What could Americans learn from Brazilians about their approach to sensuality and sexuality?

Americans pull up their zippers and cut off their air supply. In Brazil, we unzip and breathe. Each culture has their ability to do something very good. Japanese with traditions, Germans with rules, Americans with money and Brazilians with sex, too much sex. We see sexuality in everything. I agree that we are too liberal. First sex, then everything else.


When was the last time you visited Brazil, and what did you do there?

I try to go there every other year. Imagine the entire country recognizing me. I have to wear hats and sunglasses full-time, but they still stop me for a selfie every ten minutes when I'm on the streets. I'm not always ready for my close-up. I've taken selfies with fans when I was wearing my pajamas, and others when I was waiting for the train. For me, Brazil is home. Or it was. Gosh, I have so many homes; New York, Brazil, The Nob Hill Theatre, public toilets, among other places, where I feel welcomed.


What's your view on the recent rise in anti-LGBT violence in Brazil?

This could be a U.S. perspective not seen by Brazilians. The same impression resonates in Brazil about the U.S. Whenever I am in Brazil, my friends ask me how I get away with what I do, because of the high levels of homophobia in the USA. In Brazil, the headlines that we see about USA are about the religious fanatics, conservative rules against abortion, prostitution, weed, that all foreigners are a threat to Americans' jobs, mad people shooting everyone at school and racism. Over 10 years ago, a Brazilian president was on TV saying, "Gay people should have equal rights and marry." I can't see one of the most liberal countries on earth, and we all know that that's what Brazil is, as a threat to the LGBT community at all.

When I was in Brazil, the Pope came for a visit, and the headline in the country's most popular newspaper was about the 1 million people who came to see him in a stadium in Sao Paulo. A few months later, it was Gay Pride weekend, and the paper's headline was about the 6 million people in the parade, and the numbers just keep growing.


What are your favorite hobbies or guilty pleasures that don't involve hot, butt-naked sex?

That's the hardest question in this interview to answer, since I feel my life is forever connected to sex, but room service at The Hotel du Cap and eating dark chocolates with friends, and even strangers, are some of the few great moments I can remember that didn't involve sex, and I actually had fun. Oh, yes, I still love the coast, anywhere I go. The water, seagulls and lighthouses are always a relaxing, great time. Of course, since I don't spend the entire day at the beach, at night I'll probably have sex, so this is a partial answer for this question. 


Rafael Alencar

What's the secret to your longevity and popularity in the adult entertainment business?

To be a fashion model, you need a pretty face. To be a runway model, you need a body and a face, but all with the clothes on. To be a porn star, you have to look good, both clothed and naked. What I've heard from some directors I've worked with is that the most important thing in a porn movie is still the size of your dick. Bigger is always better, and if this comes attached to a hot body, it's a bonus, and if you have a pretty face, congratulations, a porn star is born!

I've heard from other directors that I still sell more movies than any other model in the studio. Still others say I know how to fuck. But I believe everyone does. Don't they?

Whatever the reason, they keep asking to do more videos (I filmed my first scenes in 2003, with Falcon and Kristen Bjorn, in the same week.). I am very genuine and I love sex.

About the popularity, I see the many hundreds of thousands of followers on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and the countless people who have created counterfeit accounts, using my name and images on the same websites, but how can I explain that? I usually update my social media only once a month, if that often, but I should check it more regularly, and I will, eventually.


What are your favorite scenes that you've filmed and studios with which you've worked?

I'd pick all the studios I've worked with. I loved my time at Raging Stallion and Hot House, many years ago, but the people that I worked with are no longer there. I could pick many studios and scenes, but I will pick two studios: and Lucas Entertainment. I've worked with those studios more than any other, and they are both great. The scene that everyone asks me about most, and the one that I love most, is still's "Prison Shower," with Johnny Rapid. To be honest, all of the movies that I've filmed for are my first choices. They are incredibly professional and they let me be who I am: a fuck machine.


You're a fine model, too. What photographer's images of you are your favorites?

I did fashion modeling for a bit, and shot for Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger, among others, until they saw my dick out of my pants, and I started shooting with a lot of great photographers not related to porn. Some very good porn photographers I can name are Edward James, Marc Manali and Mr. Pam.


Rafael Alencar on a Brazilian beach.
photo: Rafael Alencar

Describe your ideal porn scene with a man (scene partner, director, storyline, etc.).

I live in the moment, and my most recent movie is my favorite. However, I have fond memories of actors, directors and scenes, with no regrets. The studios normally put me to work with a newcomer; I guess the idea is that if one model knows what to do, the other will follow. I could work in all kinds of environments. I adjust myself easily. Half of my movies in the last three years have been shot with other straight or bisexual men, and I get along with them very well, as much as I do with the totally gay partner in the scene.

As long as the other model has a good attitude, I'll fuck the shit out of him and I will enjoy it. As for the directors, I've shot with straight, gay and even female directors. I don't recall having any problem with any of them. They are all awesome to me. I'm sure they want to wrap it up as soon as possible, if they get good footage.  

About the storylines, I've opened scenes getting a straight blow job without a single exchange of words, and also movies with few dialogues, sometimes long dialogues. I guess that they mix it up, depending upon the market. Some people likes a story before the fuck, to build up the excitement and get turned on for the model, some viewers just want to bust a load and they fast forward to the sex scene. A bad thing that sometimes happens while shooting a movie can comes from the models, themselves; either the bottom didn't douche well enough or the top can't get hard enough for the scene. Those are usually the only problems that might delay and compromise the scene. I don't recall a scene where I couldn't get hard.


Have you ever been approached to film straight porn?

Well, yes, several times. I filmed some scenes outside of the U.S., when I lived in Germany. Unfortunately, like any other straight porn, there's no career for the male model, nor is there any money. All the money goes to the girls. There's no publicity or photoshoot for him, either. Nothing. When you watch straight porn, you barely can see the men's bodies, and very seldom do you see their faces. There's no such a thing as Googling a straight porn film, using a male model's name, because it's not even mentioned on the box's front cover or in the cast list on the back. They are used as merely extras to perform with the only stars-the girls.

At first, it was fine with me, if the fees made sense, but then the producers told me what they were willing to pay for a male model, which you can't even compare to a gay porn fee. They also said that they could get hundreds of other male models for free, just for the pleasure of fucking a hot chick. I guess that also explains why so many straight/bisexual male models prefer to do gay porn.

Today, I still do straight private porn, when a fan or a client gets a hotel room and calls me to fuck his wife or another female porn star. Usually, I film one private straight porn per month.


Describe your ideal porn scene with a woman (scene partner, director, storyline, etc.).

All of my scenes with women have been private videos, but I'll set the scene. The camera rolls while, very naturally, she starts undressing on the sofa, creating a show for me. I start crawling towards her and eat her out. I stand up and she gives me a blow job. Slowly, I take my clothes off while she keeps sucking my dick, then, I fuck her in all the positions that she can take it. Doing a scene with a woman means that there's almost no end to it, because she never stops after she cums, or she cums several times, and wants more and more, when the sex is great. Meanwhile, the man can usually cum only once in a movie. As long as I don't shoot my load, I could fuck her for hours. Nikki Hunter was a super-hot partner, but I could name several other sexy women here.


With which porn stars, living or dead, would you love to film a scene?

I'd fuck all of the dead ones. They were all hot, but, in particular, I'd pick German female porn star, Carolin Wosnitza and American male porn star Josh Weston (movie: Getting It Straight ). The living porn stars are even hotter and more accessible, in all ways, of course. I can't truly remember all of their names, but I'd totally fuck my previous scene partners again and again. Since it's hard for the studios to put together the same models for another scene, I look forward to meet and fuck the ones I haven't done a movie with yet.


Rafael Alencar with Johnny Rapid.

What do you think are the upcoming trends in porn, and where do you see yourself within them?

How trendy can porn become? I love to watch the old-fashioned videos, with the skinny models with mustaches and big dicks in pre-condom movies, as much as I love to watch my friends getting gang-banged in the movie filmed last month. Porn it is what it is; sex. That's what people like to see. As long as they keep fucking, it'll be always a trend.

Today, we see movies that can satisfy even the pickiest viewer. There's fisting, threesomes, orgies, romances, rough sex, bare-backing, twinks, fetishes, bisexual and whatever else you have in mind, it's possible to find a porn movie about it.

For me, there's always a beginning, middle and an end. I look at myself as a work in progress. I look to the future for many new opportunities.  I think I've already done my share for the porn industry. I'm happy with what I've done. I've had a blast, and I don't have to officially announce my retirement, because who in the world retires from sex? Whether or not there's a camera rolling, I really don't mind. Just bring me the victims, and I'll fuck them like there's no next scene.


In your online ad, you identify as bisexual. What do you want gay men to understand about bisexual men and bisexuality, in general?

Yes, I believe in bisexuality.  Some call it "confused minds." Others call it "liberation." I enjoy both sides. We all have levels of bisexuality inside us, even it's just one percent or almost totally dormant.

That a straight man can have the freedom to say his male friend looks good in a suit or after couple drinks start hugging them and talking about fucking a woman together, that, to me, is hidden bisexuality.

I feel the same way about a so-called total gay guy who will kiss his best girlfriend, and after they smoke pot, they make out just for the fun of it. This is his tiny, hidden straight behavior inside him. That's what I believe. But, I also believe that most of us choose to stay on one side, because this side (straight or gay) is giving them the most pleasure. There's no wrong answer here. I don't close doors.


Rafael Alencar in a candid moment on a Falcon video shoot, getting It Straight (the late Josh Weston below).
photo: Rafael Alencar

What do you notice first on men's and women's bodies?

The smile, for a little bit, then, pants off!

I have to notice the face at first, since we don't walk naked on the streets. After the first fuck, what keeps me going back for more are the women's breasts and men's butts.


What's the percentage of your male versus female clients, and is there any difference in how you approach them?

Let's say 70% men and 30% women. I guess that men are more straightforward in what they want. They just pick up the phone, call me and we are set for a fuck. Women require more time. Sometimes, it comes through her husband, calling me for a threesome. The approach is usually different, since men grab your dick and want to keep the dick inside his ass as long as he can handle it. With women it's more about touching, kissing and sharing feelings. I like both. With a woman, you share your emotions in the sex, while a man is, again, straightforward: suck, fuck and cum.


Describe your ideal client experience.

I'll describe a male client, since this is a gay newspaper and the number of women who might read this will be close to zero. The ideal client experience starts with the connection on the phone. People who call me and first ask about my rates or availability, without introducing themselves first, are 100% likely to get refused and blocked. I am old-fashioned.

I don't answer text messages, because I want to hear the client's voice. For those who are not flexible with their time, we might never meet, since we are both very busy. If they mention that they've picked another escort because I didn't reply right away, I don't get upset about being replaced. I just block them. I'm very easy- going, and I just want to have a small chat before we get together, to see how compatible we are, especially if that's our first meeting. 

And if you are too shy to talk on the phone, believe me, you are not ready to meet me in person. Once the phone call triage is done, the actual meeting will be smooth. I am always as horny as a goat, and I'll fuck whoever will open the door for me. Ideal clients are those who share a little bit of their lives with me, and this could be either before or after the sex, of course.


Rafael Alencar at a private dinner on Myanmar.
photo: Rafael Alencar

Describe your wildest and/or most eye-opening escort experience.

There are two experiences that I will never forget.

A client invited me for a trip to Myanmar, and besides the wonderful time we had together, he once surprised with a special dinner. We started on a boat trip, with only me, him and the captain on board. He took us to a deserted island, 30 minutes outside of Yangon. There was nothing around, except the sunset and a deserted beach, with a path made by fire, leading to a two-seat table, with chefs and waiters waiting to serve us. He had rented the entire island, just for us to have dinner. This will be in my mind forever.

Another client took me to Cliveden House, a beautiful castle hotel, outside of London. He rented the Lady Astor Suite, which I couldn't afford in a million years. When I asked why he did that, he said, "You're worth it." Don't get me wrong, you can always have my smile by taking me to a chicken salad at the diner around the corner.

I have to say, I don't consider them clients. They are my friends, and I truly love them and enjoy their companionship. They don't treat me as an escort, either. There are few connections like this, but we develop a relationship that goes beyond money and time. They know I need the money, because I don't have another way to make it. But they also know that I am not there entirely for the money. I enjoy them as people, too.


How do you prepare for a client session?

Nothing special, really. I do exactly what most people do. I take a shower (unless the client asks me not to), brush my teeth and wear low-waist pants and I go shirtless, if I am the one who's opening the door. If I am going to meet someone, I wear shoes (not sneakers), jeans, a belt and a long-sleeve shirt. If it's cold outside, I wear a leather jacket. Whether I go to meet someone or if he comes to meet me, I take care to create a sexy environment with music, dimmed lights and more importantly, letting him feel good. The situation varies, according to what the person expects from me. Some clients want me to be more aggressive than others. That behavior can also be adjusted, but this doesn't require special preparation. I just need to be myself.


Rafael Alencar

What do you want clients to understand about escorts?

I understand that the clients know enough about escorts as much as we understand about them. Many of my clients confessed to me they were escorts in the past. I believe they understand very well this world. Escorts are basically horny guys who want to make more money and like to have sex. They'd better like what they do, otherwise, they wouldn't survive.

There are several reasons a client calls an escort; either they are a famous actor, singer or congressman, and they can't be seen in public or on hook-up apps, or they could just be a married man who wants to spice up his life a little bit, or just a regular guy who, for whatever reason, likes the situation. If he's a repeat client, it might mean that he likes what he sees and what he is doing with the escort. He may have even have totally fallen in love with the escort.

Whatever the reason is that makes a client call for an escort, he'll have what he wants, one way or the other. Otherwise, he'll just try someone else. I like this aspect of the relationship between a client and an escort. There's no game. It is what it is. They didn't find me in a church. I was on an escort website and he was there looking for one. I understand them very well, and I have no doubt that they understand us, too.


STD rates (syphilis, etc.) among gay men are skyrocketing, and some are linking the rise to the proliferation of barebacking porn and irresponsible use of Truvada. What's your opinion?

Yes, you are right. I've to say Truvada use is saving a lot of lives from contracting HIV, but is spreading everything else. I have friends on both sides of this story; friends who are positive, friends who are negative (taking their daily Truvada doses) and friends who prefer to not take anything. I think it all depends on how sexually active you are, and how careful you want to be.

If you are positive, you'd better take your meds every day, for your own health and to stay on Earth longer, because we are all losing close friends all the time.

If you are negative on Prep, actually, this is the new fashionable way to say, "Fuck me raw!" I believe that you are also doing the right thing taking your daily Truvada dose, since you are going to fuck raw, anyway, and the last group of negatives who are not taking anything, but using condoms only. To them, I bow and I say, "Congratulations, you guys are also doing the right thing."

Keep yourselves protected, not only from HIV, but, also from all of the other diseases that keep haunting our community. I just wonder how many partners they could have, since it looks like no one is using condoms anymore.

I personally don't associate the barebacking in private with the increase of bare-backing movies. For example, I go out to bars and clubs, and I see all of my friends getting drunk and wasted all the time. I have never sipped a single glass of alcohol. I see people smoking every day, everywhere. I have never tried to smoke, and have no desire to start. It's all about how strong you are and how you let yourself being driven. I personally use condoms, not just to protect myself from sexual diseases, but mainly because I hate poop on my dick. I'd be very pissed to find it inside my foreskin, and the chances that it could happen are very high. So I'd rather wrap it up and fuck them all. Besides, I can't afford to get any sexually-transmitted diseases. That would put me out of work for days or weeks, and I like money. I believe that we are all adults and we all know what's best for us. We're not kids.


What's your opinion of California's recently defeated Proposition 60 (condoms in porn law):

I personally don't think it would have helped anything, if the law had passed. The USA is always creating new laws for anything. I have no doubt that, one day, there will be a law against porn stars like me writing articles in newspaper like this one. And if this law passes, I might go to jail if I try and –sorry folks– you guys will have to read something else. I am not sure, but I'm happy it was defeated. I have an enormous number of friends who live in California and do barebacking movies, as models and crew. They would have had to move somewhere else. I've never been in a barebacking movie, but, yes, like everyone else, I watch them.


A young Rafael Alencar working as a dentist.
photo: Rafael Alencar

What's your favorite social media app, and why?

I am not very good in uploading contents onto social media. I know I should use it more often. I'll try to make a commitment with myself to upload at least one picture a month. At the moment, I upload only three or four times a year. That's very low, considering the number of followers I have.

Okay, after this interview, I'll definitely put more time into it. Considering all of this censorship, I chose the apps that we can all see the kinds of content that we want to see, like a big dick or a bubble ass. We can see this on Tumblr and on Twitter.

I love these two social media apps, and I have accounts on both (Tumblr: rafaelalencarNY, 60K followers; Twitter:RAFAELALENCAR, 147K followers). 

I also have an account on Instagram:rafaelalencarworld (76K followers) and one Facebook account (rafaelalencarNY) that we all know limits the number of friends to 5K.

However, extend my Instagram and Facebook followers (88K followers), and it's more popular around the world, but they keep giving me a hard time.

Over the years, my account has been deleted several times, and we have to start all over again. That puts me in the mood to not upload things there, with the risk of losing everything the next day and all the contents are gone. I keep my free personal website with over 10,000 pictures, and it is updated weekly (see below).


What is your favorite food?

I can eat anything. I am eating peanuts and dark chocolate while writing these replies. I love fancy French restaurants with those huge plates and tiny amounts of food on them. I also love cheap Chinese food. I was born in Brazil, and since I was five years old, my family fed me steak every day. I love red meat. The interesting thing is that my father is Italian and my mother is Polish Jewish, but we never had those fattening Jewish foods or all of those Italian pastas at home. I was kosher for many years, but I realized that it was not for me.


You have a baby's complexion! How do you maintain it? What's your favorite moisturizer?

I'll tell you the truth. I'm not very careful with my skin. I guess, like everything else in our bodies, we inherit great genes from our families. Sometimes, I put some moisturizer on my legs that tend to become dry in winter, but that's all. I use any moisturizer that I have at home, even the cheap ones provided by the motels. I do believe that healthier skin also comes as a result of food, so I eat olive oil or coconut oil on my food every day when I am at home.


How do you maintain your abs?

There are five things that I've never even tasted in my life, and all my friends know that very well. I've never had a slice of pizza, cupcake, muffin, doughnut or waffle. For some people, they may say that avoiding those foods is impossible. Well, let's consider that I was born overseas and four of these items are purely American foods. They are not popular in Brazil and I bet they are unknown in most of the world.

I am not saying that my food habits are completely healthy. I eat three bars of chocolate every day. In Brazil, I used to eat acai and rice and beans every day. This could be hard in the body. Of course, if I go to any restaurant, I'll pick the steak instead of the lasagna. 

Also, I go to the gym every day, but, I will tell you, abs and a small waist (27 inches) is about food habits, not the gym. We normally consume more calories than we burn, and we store it right on the waistline. I've a YouTube video for those who want to have a smaller waist and not starve for that. Actually, you might eat even more. A long time ago, I posted a diet video on YouTube (see below).


Describe your most romantic experience that didn't involve money.

None that I can remember. Since I became a porn star fifteen years ago, I also started escorting and had no time for dates that didn't involve money.

Does that sound bad? Not really, because I've been dating almost every day, but that involves money, too. Yes, maybe my date is paying me, but it doesn't mean that I am not there with my heart and soul, and not just my dick.

I do get involved with clients, call them for lunch, dinner, parties, birthdays and spend holidays with them. Okay, now we are getting there. If the date involves sex, I will probably charge. I've had several dates for movies, theaters, etc., not involving money. I do get attached to clients. They are my best friends and they are the ones I spend holidays and special dates with, since my family is so far away.


Rafael Alencar on Fire Island.
photo: Rafael Alencar

What's the most provocative item you've ever worn?

I guess swimsuits on the beach. It sounds very random, but everyone thinks I have a hard on, and I don't. Most of the time I go to the beach or the pool, and I wear underwear inside the swimsuit, to mask the size of my dick a little bit, mostly because of the families and minors around. They might think I am excited, and they don't know it's just the size of my dick. When it's just a gay beach, I leave the underwear at home and just wear the swimsuit. I remember once, I wore a white swimsuit at a gay beach. I got in the water, it got wet and I also had a hard-on. It was a disaster!


What's next for ?

Once, I asked myself this question, and I had a fan next to me. He answered, "If you keep doing exactly what you are doing for the next ten years, it'd be a dream come true."

Yes, he was sweet, but honestly, there's no way I'll still be a porn star in ten years, maybe not even five years, even though I see porn movies with actors more than ten years older than me, and they look hot.

No, I just think I've had a lot of fun, and I am still, but I do need to do that change from being watched to just start watching. I love porn. Who doesn't? Who in this world doesn't have a naked guy's picture in the cell phone? Who among us has never filmed our own private porn movie, using an iPhone?

I understand some of us might watch porn more than others, but we all do. Some people know that I was a dentist back in Brazil, and after so many invitations to do porn movies, I finally accepted. It was the best thing I've ever done in my life. I loved my time as a dentist, working in a hospital, but I have way more fun doing what I am doing now. Rafael intends to keep doing what he's doing today for a little while, then, he'll probably spend more time watching porn and eventually, start hiring escorts, too.  


Official site:






Rafael's diet videos:

Rafael's workout routine:


Rafael Alencar @ Nob Hill Theatre: the super-hung Brazilian porn stud leads the interactive playroom fun (Circle Jerk, April 20, $10) and performs live strip shows April, 21 & 22 at the famed strip club. $25. 8pm & 10pm. 729 Bush St. at Powell. 397-6758.

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