Issue:  Vol. 48 / No. 13 / 29 March 2018

Scott DeMarco


Scott DeMarco
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Scott DeMarco's physicality, sensuality and versatility have all been well-documented by a smoky mix of established studios and new, up-and-coming companies. He's one of those people whom you never tire of seeing; very fresh, very modern. The Nob Hill Theatre has him and The Bay Area Reporter uncovers him.


As this is your debut performance at the Nob Hill Theatre, what are your plans for successful, hot performances?

Thanks! I really enjoy interacting with my audience and I'm always happy to see some fans whenever I perform. I have already been told by a few that they are looking forward to seeing me at the Theatre.


How do you feel, as a man, when you dance nude or perform live sex shows?

I'm actually a somewhat shy person in my personal life, believe it or not. Though, working in the industry for the past two years has made me more of an exhibitionist, and being nude on stage is always a fun way to let that part of me out.


When you perform live, what feeling do you relish most from the audience?

I just want everyone to have fun. When I dance or get on stage, I like seeing the audience having a good time. That's why we are here.


Where did you grow up? How did your upbringing affect your embracing of your sexuality?

I grew up in a small town in Texas. I didn't really explore my sexuality until I was a freshman in college.


How do you prepare before and relax after scenes and live performances?

I always make sure I have a healthy meal the night before, so that I have energy the next day and I try to squeeze in breakfast, if I can. I've always been a light eater, so making sure I have enough fuel before I go into the studio for six hours is important for me to remember.


Where do you reside now, and why?

I live in sunny Fort Lauderdale, and I love it! I have lived in the South all my life and this is my favorite place I've lived so far.


When, how and why did you decide to begin your porn career?

I took some time off from college and found myself being approached by a porn studio. I decided, 'What the hell?' and did something totally spontaneous and outside of my personality and agreed to shoot a scene.


Scott DeMarco

What are the differences between working with the newer studios, versus their more established counterparts? Which do you prefer?

I'm always happy to work with just about anyone, as long as I believe they will produce quality content. Newer studios seem to be more interested in trying new things, like fetish porn.


Who's your fantasy porn scene partner?

I've always thought that Tomas Brand was such a beautiful guy. I met him when I first shot with Lucas Entertainment. Aside from being a hot Swedish daddy, he is incredibly sweet.


Who's your fantasy celebrity porn scene partner?

Clearly, I love daddies, so Hugh Jackman would definitely be at the top of my list. I love a big muscled Aussie.


What have you done on film that you never even thought that you'd do privately?

I have filmed several bondage scenes that have included a wide range of activities that I never thought I'd ever try. Being tied up, wax play, blindfolds and electro stimulation are just a few, and I was surprised to learn just how much I enjoyed them.


How has your porn career evolved your private sexuality?

I suppose I have become more adventurous in my private sex life. I mentioned that I have become more of an exhibitionist and have become kinkier, the longer I've worked in the adult film industry. Plus, it has just made me more confident in meeting guys.


What type of men do you prefer when you top? What type of men do you prefer when you bottom?

I have always preferred to top, and I have a wide range of guys. Age has never been an issue for me, but hair is always a plus. Otters, daddies, even a 'boy next door' kind of guy with a little fuzz on his chest is sexy. As for bottoming, I tend to lean towards a daddy who knows how to take control.


Please define your idea of intimacy.

To me, intimacy is what separates real sex from what you might sometimes see on-screen. It's about a connection, both inside and outside the bedroom (or bathhouse), that makes the experience that much better. When you have good chemistry with someone, it tends to stand out more, especially when performing.


Is there a difference between your private sexuality and porn persona?

I take more time to build a connection with someone in my personal life than on set. Naturally, you meet a scene partner for the first time on the day that you shoot. Usually, they are attractive, nice and easy to get along with, but when you talk about chemistry, it's not always as genuine as when I meet someone in real life. To me, sex in my personal life is even better than the kind I have on film.


Scott DeMarco

It's my understanding that you enjoy public sexual situations. Please tell my readers what they do for you and describe your most recent experience.

Being a bit of an exhibitionist, I sometimes enjoy an audience when I'm playing around with a guy (or two). Sometimes, it's a bath house, sometimes, a dungeon party or the dark room of a seedy club. Sometimes, it's not about the audience, but the risk of being caught and exposed that is so fun. I won't go into details, but my last one may have been on a rooftop terrace in Brooklyn with a cute Israeli boy I'd met in the club downstairs.


Some in the LGBTQ community blame the proliferation of bareback porn for the rise of STD (syphilis, chlamydia, etc.) rates in gay and bisexual men who misuse Truvada. Your thoughts?

It's not my place to tell people how they should or shouldn't have sex. For most of us, we have all taken a risk, at least once or twice, and may not have always used a condom or asked a partner's status. I think that Truvada has been a lifesaver for so many gay and bisexual men, myself included, and helped tear away at the stigma against those who live with HIV. All I can say is, know the risks and use your head.


Scott DeMarco

What's your favorite gear to wear when you perform live and in films?

Personally, I love a good harness and jock strap combo, both on me and anyone else who catches my eye. I've found I have a bit of a fetish for athletic gear, so pull up those knee-high socks!


What social media apps do you rock?

My fans and anyone interested in following me can find me on Twitter at ScottDeMarcoXXX


You've said that you hate 'catfishing.' What's the worst example of it that you've seen using your images?

 I have actually been hit up on Grindr by someone claiming to be me and using my own photos from two years ago. I mean, really?


Scott DeMarco performs at The Nob Hill Theatre August 11 & 12 with 8pm solo shows and 10pm sex shows with Brian Bonds. $25. 729 Bush St. at Powell.

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