Issue:  Vol. 48 / No. 13 / 29 March 2018

Jeremy Spreadums reveals all


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It is rare to meet someone so fully-integrated with their sexuality, sensuality, intelligence and concern for his LGBTQ community. We're talking about Jeremy Spreadums, a man with a gold medal body, a flawless complexion, a cover model face, who is willing to show how you how it all works together in the genre of gay male pornography.

The Nob Hill Theatre has him this weekend for a series of shows featuring unadulterated, blatant masculinity. With his beautiful co-stud David Emblem, the evolution of man-to-man sex will be on full display. The Bay Area Reporter has the full scoop.


Cornelius Washington: These are your first performances at The Nob Hill Theater. What are you most looking forward to?

Jeremy Spreadums: I think a live performance will be far more intimate with an audience and I'm looking forward to being able to be sensual, feel sexy, and get naughty up close and personal.


 When and why did you begin performing live, and what do live sex shows do for you?

This is my first live performance ever, so, to be honest, I'm a bit nervous, but, after I get warmed up on stage, the energy from a live show will keep me pumped.


What makes for a spectacular live sexual performance?

Sensual music, eye contact with the audience, sexy costumes and I recommend practicing a routine beforehand.


Who are your fantasy live sex partners?

This is not an easy question to answer, since there are so many, but I will narrow it down to Francois Sagat, Javi Velaro, Stas Landon, Adam Russo and Valentino Medici.


You grew up in Florida. How did your upbringing affect how you embraced your sexuality?

I grew up in Miami and Ft. Lauderdale and gay men there are direct, spicy, and sensual and that went hand-in-hand with my personality and how open I am to sexuality.


How did/do your friends and family react to your sexuality? Do you care?

I came out when I was 16 and 17. The first time, my folks thought I needed to "experiment" more as a teen. The second time, I provided evidence that the only thing I'd ever do with a woman was her hair, and I think they got the picture. It took them six years to finally be okay with my sexuality. I personally don't care what others feel or think of gay men or my sexuality. Respectfully, we live in a time when everyone should be respectful of sexual orientation.


What advice would you give your younger self?

Be more confident, don't underestimate yourself, have patience in yourself, embrace every moment, and do your taxes.


Jeremy Spreadums

Who were/are your male role models (gay or not)?

Tom Daley, British Olympic gold medalist diver, is one of my youngest male role models, because of his continued efforts to inform the public on simple ways of living healthier active lifestyles, not to mention, he's so cute!

Anderson Cooper, the CNN anchor, is not only handsome as hell, but also a genuine journalist and reporter who continues to keep his country informed and updated on issues in U.S. government.


What are your life's guiding principles?

Live and let live, respect your body, heart and mind. Think positively, and what you give is what you get in return.


How and why did you get into the porn industry?

I was 21 and started doing artistic nude photo shoots. I created a Model Mayhem account and was scouted a few months later by Sean Cody. The rest is gay porn history.


What's surprised you most about the industry, etc?

My first shoot: the closet of dildos in the prep room. I'd never seen so many sex toys in one room in my entire life (at the time).


You began your career in 2011 with Sean Cody. When and why did you decide to work with other studios?

I am grateful for my experiences with Sean Cody and to this day, I use tricks and sex skills I learned from them in my films. After two years of working with them, I decided to try other studios to further expand on different themes, model types and directors.


Longevity in the industry is rare. How have you maintained your career?

I'd have to say it's been due to a combination of physical maturation in appearance, like my face and muscle mass, and involvement in social media like Twitter, Instagram, and my YouTube channel.


Jeremy Spreadums

Your personality is very bubbly. How do you avoid becoming jaded?

I like to do things that ground me like watch comedy shows and films that represent problems people deal with in comical ways. I also have an app that has daily motivational quotes to keep me perked up. If I feel down (like the majority of the population), I like to let it out. I watch a sad film or a drama to get emotions out, I write it out in a journal or sing a song that matches the emotions I feel that could get me down and jaded.


What have you done privately that you can't wait to do onscreen?

Double penetration, car sex and getting banged on a sling.


What have you done in porn that you don't get enough chances to do?

Group play.


What have you done in porn that scared you at first, but, now, you love?

I was afraid my butthole wouldn't go back to normal if I took on a huge cock. After working with Jason Vario (huge mother*cking cock), I love a huge cock because I know I can take it.


When and why did you decide to begin barebacking in your films?

I started in porn with bareback-only films and was more comfortable knowing accurate testing is done prior to any bareback scene. Financially, it is more ideal as a performer and that was a big factor in bareback for me.


Who have been your favorite scene partners thus far, and why?

Again, not an easy answer! My favorite has been Damien Stone thus far, because he was ready to get dirty as soon as we arrived on set. I also think he's hot (woof) and he's got a fantastic everything.


What makes for a truly erotic scene?

When performers really get into what they're doing, it shows on camera and it makes things so much more erotic.


You photograph beautifully. Which porn photographers do you most want to work with next?

I want to work with Mark Henderson. His work is fantastic and so erotic.


With whom (model, studio, director) would you kill to work next?

Sean Zevran!


How do you deal with people who try to judge you, while they jerk off to your films?

Why give it energy? Honestly, I've learned that it is a typical reflexive response, because of how society has taught us to respond to the mention of porn or adult porn performers. It may be that their perceptions of gay male performers are tainted by what they think as opposed to what they actually know about the industry. To each their own, but I don't waste energy on it.


What is your opinion of bottom stigma?

It's unfortunate that this still exists today, despite ART and PrEP therapies that have helped regain the confidence in lives of gay men. It is unfair to shame bottoms on any level.        


Jeremy Spreadums

What do you look for in a man when you bottom?

I look for a man who has experience being a top and a bottom. I look for passionate, humble, and genuine men with whom I can connect.


What do you want tops to understand about bottoms?

It takes a moment, after inserting a cock into someone's butthole, for the muscles to relax. I'd like tops to understand this and remember it every time they slide inside someone. Count to ten and slowly insert, then you may plow as much as you'd like.


Are you currently single? Are you interested in a relationship? If so, what are you looking for in a man?

I'm currently single. I'm not looking for a relationship because I'd rather run into someone rather than spend time scanning my surroundings for my next lover. If it happens, I'm looking for a man who is as busy as I am, career-wise, has an open mind, can handle my energy, and who can make me laugh and feel loved every single day.


What led you to create your YouTube gay male sex education channel?

I'm currently enrolled in a Master's of Science in clinical psychology program, with a major in sex therapy. Many gay men today did not get the "birds and bees" talk from those who cared for them while young and could you even imagine your dad giving you tips on how to sexually please another man? Awkward.

The show has two purposes: 1. To educate gay men in fun ways on sex topics that can improve their sex lives and, 2. I will be using statistical data from the channel based on viewer ratings, feedback and popularity, based on view numbers to compare it with current LGBT views on gay sexuality and education.


Do you have any plans to expand the range of topics on your channel?

Absolutely! I want to create 100 episodes of Jeremy Sex Talk and I have tons of ideas for future episodes that will be more interactive, informative and raunchy.


Currently, what do you think are the LGBT community's most pressing issues?

I can't speak for the entire LGBT community, but I think we still face discrimination in workplaces and in public environments, such as hospitals and court systems.


What issues do you think gay men have blown out of proportion?

At times, it seems like the issue of "accept me and accept me now" has been misunderstood and blown out of proportion, simply because of how societal change works. It takes time to change minds and hearts. It takes involvement in political systems to change the system. It takes involvement to facilitate change.


Jeremy Spreadums

Socially, what do gay men get right, and what needs improvement?

I think gay men are great at being men. Men behave in certain ways that are characteristic of how men have been known to behave throughout history – so we get that right. I think socially, men need to improve their sensitivity and empathic behaviors towards one another, so that we can find much more commonality than differences in each other. 


You're the Nob Hill Theatre Valentine's Day performer. What can you tell my readers about love? Will you address it on your YouTube channel?

I'm so excited to be the V-day performer! It's going to be a hot show. I'll tell you what I think about love with a haiku:

Love is emotion,

Dancing freely inside you,

Your heartbeat its song.


Deadpool 2 will be released soon. Please describe your love of all things Deadpool.

Deadpool is a bad guy gone good, but he's still bad. My most favorite things about Deadpool are his sarcasm, love for Mexican food, high sex drive, admiration of unicorns and his regenerative abilities.


Outside of porn, what are your other careers?

I work as a surgical tech for eye surgery and am in the operating room a few days out of the week. I'm currently enrolled in an MS in Clinical Psychology program to become a sex therapist.


How do you maintain your toned physique?

It's hard, but I try my best to monitor what I eat. Your diet is probably 70% of the reason that you look the way you do and feel the way you do, so I balance fruits, veggies, and lean protein. I also lift 3-4 times a week and do cardio 3-4 times a week for 30 minutes. 


On what aspects of your physical presentation do you focus when you train?

All of it! When I was younger, I admired (and still do) the gymnast over-all physique and have focused on every muscle group to proportionally grow and have as close to a gymnast's body as I can.


How do you maintain your flawless complexion (products, methods, etc.)?

It's funny, I actually just released an episode on "Sex-Ready Skin" (! I make sure to wash my face morning, night and before a workout. I use a witch hazel toner after cleansing and use two oil-free moisturizers (one with SPF for daytime and one without for night time). To combat any blemishes, I use a mint facemask three times a week.


Finally, what do you want to say to the LGBT community, and have them understand about you?

I want to be understood as a gay man who is career-oriented and who is also a performer to a unique and misunderstood industry that encourages sexual expression and exploration through visual representation. I have big plans on being involved in the LGBT community through the field of clinical psychology and sex therapy.


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