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LGBT Fiction by Frederick Sebastian Store Now Open!
Storage Lien Auction

Storage Lien Auction 10/09/17 @ 8am. 27 containers 5x7x7 Household goods & furniture of customers are Mieko Sakumas (3 containers), Tracy Harrington (3 containers), Francisco Villanueva (2 containers), Kendra Stack (6 containers) & Tom Wandless (13 containers). 14 containers located at Celtic Moving 1290 Egbert Ave SF CA 94124 & 13 containers located at 1480 Donner Ave SF CA 94124. Containers not for sale individually. All contents to be removed by 5 pm on day of auction. ...


In accordance with the provisions of the California Commercial Code, Section 7201-7210, there being due & unpaid storage for which Closetbox holds the lien as warehouseman on the goods, notice is hereby given that the goods located in San Francisco will be sold at www.storagestuff.bid on 10/10/17 at 10:15am. The household goods of Philip Dursey are being sold on monies owed of $156.36 and include pullup bar, bags. ...