Issue:  Vol. 47 / No. 17 / 27 April 2017
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Bill would reform CA sex offender registry

Gay state Senator Scott Wiener has introduced a bill that would create a tiered registry for California sex offenders, meaning some could leave the state's lifetime registry earlier than planned. (read more)

BART stations eyed for syringe boxes

San Francisco officials are looking at some BART train stations as sites for syringe disposal boxes. (read more)

Lesbian/gay chorus director stepping down

Billy Sauerland, the artistic director of the Lesbian/Gay Chorus of San Francisco, is stepping down after the group's spring concert next weekend. (read more)

CA agency reports ADAP data breach

Officials with California's public health department have said that data on dozens of people who rely on the state's AIDS Drug Assistance Program was breached. (read more)

Bias and bright spots for women at work, Hill says

A quarter of a century after Anita Hill's accusations about workplace sexual harassment fell on deaf ears in a Senate confirmation hearing for Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, the Brandeis University law professor said that the climate for women in the workplace has improved but still has a long way to go. (read more)

Not much for LGBTs in Trump's first 100 days

The idea of reflecting upon a president's first 100 days in office started with President Franklin Roosevelt. (read more)

Groundswell aims to train activists at boot camp

In an effort to help LGBTQs involved in social activism, the Groundswell Institute is holding a boot camp next month. (read more)

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Music - Betty Buckley, storyteller

Though best-known for her work in musical theater, Betty Buckley is a performer with a diverse fan-base. (read more)

Theatre - Peter Brook, still leading

Peter Brook may be a living legend, but at age 92, he's a legend whose laurels are secondary to figuring out what his next project will be. (read more)

Fine Arts - Present tense

Pier 24, the quietly spectacular waterfront cathedral for photography, remains the most serene and unique venue for the medium in the city. (read more)

Out There - Cultural conundrums

It's time to catch you up on some of the cultural events your gay uncle Out There has been sampling this month. (read more)

Out & About - Special

What makes that show, exhibit concert worth attending; what make it special? You can't find out until you go. (read more)

Theatre - Scripted chaos onstage

There is a faux program with made-up casting info for the play within the play. (read more)

Film - Regime change for beginners

As chronic consumers of Hollywood product, we're used to having the big picture dumbed down to fit the presumed attention span of the average teenage boy. (read more)

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